Piano City! A Living Room Festival for Berlin

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On one weekend in October 2010 whole Berlin turned into a Piano City! Throughout one weekend the piano became the center of attention - in every corner, private and  "public" living rooms, Berliners were able to listen to piano music of different Genres, played by professionals and laymen. The whole festival process from application to ticketing was linked to personal videos of the musicians and their programs. Together with Andreas Kern (the Artistic Director) and the RADIALSYSTEM V, I was organizing and curating these 70 concerts in the city of Berlin: Individual concerts in private living rooms and public ones in bars, clubs or the green room in the Berlin Philharmonie. The long night of piano music and the family sunday of the festival took place at RADIALSYSTEM V.

Piano City Berlin 23th to 24th of October 2010


(P)reviews (in German)

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