Lecturing Workshop Design, Empathy Methods & Human Centered Design at design akademie berlin

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Since 2014 I teach the students of the Master "Strategic Design" several courses in an experience-learning-way.

The Courses

WORKSHOP DESIGN - on how to design a workshop and transfer one's knowledge

In this course the students do a detailed planning and execution of their individual day long workshops. The goal is to give an overview about the relevant steps from finding a suitable topic to representing oneself on stage, planning an agenda up to designing the flow for an interactive day. 

EMPATHY METHODS & USER CENTRIC DESIGN - on how to step into the shoes of the user and create an innovation 

In their first semester they get challenged by the brought field of methods that enable inspiring design research. In their second semester its all about solution-finding to a meaningful challenge. Their grand finale is a simulation of their own crowd funding campaign for their greatest idea, showing video, text and gadgets that would make their service unique and worth spending money for.

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The Illustrations below are done by Milana Murzo.