Method Trainings for Thüringer Kreativwirtschaft

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Since 2014 I give regular trainings for the Agentur für die Kreativwirtschaft Thüringen.

The Formats:

DESIGN THINKING - on the power of the creative mindset „The workshop did not only introduce the method Design Thinking, it also gave all participants a comprehensive overview about their own strengths and weaknesses by following the process all together.“ (Blog of Thüringer Agentur für die Kreativwirtschaft)

MY CLIENT THE UNKNOWN BEING? - on how to become "user centric" This 1-day workshop introduces tools to understand and learn about the clients' needs and wishes, to be able to position ones offer in a user centric way.

CULTURAL PROBES - on how to dive into the users' worlds "Cultural Probes is „a technique used to inspire ideas in a design process. The probes are small packages that can include any sort of artifact (like a map, postcard, camera or diary) along with evocative tasks, which are given to participants to allow them to record specific events, feelings or interactions.“ (Gaver/Dunne/Pacenti: Cultural Probes, Interactions, Vol 6) In the 1-day workshop the participants experience the method by designing their own Cultural Probe set for their context step by step.

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