Here is a selected overview on my most recent projects:

The Parental Leave Certification

Would you like to use your parental leave as a real opportunity for a Design Thinking Hands On training?

Every quarter you can! I support you and your personal project with online mentoring. Step by step you get trained in the Design Thinking way of approaching problems and complete your own blueprint. Since parenthood is an agile experience, I coach you according to your pace and needs.

The Design Thinking Online Journeys

The Design Thinking Online Journeys are your individual or team coaching experience. Whenever you need it and wherever you are. I make use of digital tools such as Skype, Zoom or Slack. Whatever makes sense and is useful for you and the coaching goals. My experience is: Less is more. The coaching is based on the Design Thinking tools and mindset and celebrates its principles. Every coaching experience feels like a journey that leads to new perspectives, possibilities and concrete actions. I would be honored to be your travel guide.

The Design Thinking Pocket Guide

Annie Kerguenne, Hedi Schaefer, Abraham Taherivand. Design Thinking: Die agile Innovationsstrategie. HAUFE Verlag (2017)

This guide provides answers on how to become a Design Thinker in 10 steps. It presents hands-on tools to train your creative muscles: Design Thinking professionals take you through entire projects and show you how to tackle them with the help of specifically designed methods – step by step.

Workshop Design, the Super Power Skill

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a step by step guideline on how to transform any meeting, session or get together into an (inter)active workshop? One with a clear goal, agenda and outcome? Where the time spend is really worth it?

Right now I am in the process of turning work sheets that have been developed and used over almost a decade into a hands on workbook. 

It is designed for anyone who wants to exploit the full potential of any gathering. For those who want to work together more innovatively, actively, creatively and effectively.

If you want to become a testimonial for that project, contact me.